Let’s Succeed Together!


Jenn and Mike Querubin

Hello and welcome to our website! It has been a labor of love and we share it with you. The couple you see is us, Mike and Jenn Querubin. We know what you’re thinking, “How the heck do you pronounce that last name?” : >)

Well, it’s actually pronounced ke’-ru-bin which literally translates to Cherub or the plural, Cherubim in Spanish.

Now that we got that out of the way, we have been together for 20 years. Others may call us entrepreneurs, martial artists, writer, musician, Network Marketer, Internet Marketer, sister, brother, friend, etc… We share similar interests and relationships as you. We are also following the same path as you – financial/time freedom and genuine expression of Self. 

Living the “life of your dreams” means different things for different people. What does an ideal life look and feel like to you? Like 98% of the population, the “successful life” meant getting a really good job, a big house (the bigger the better), raise a family, retire at a certain age and that’s basically it. Mike and I have done these things for the most part. We were successful right?

This is where our journey began – with a gut feeling. Something was not right. There had to be more. Why did we feel dissatisfied? Is this really our fullest potential? We were  professionals bringing in good salaries, considered 15% of the population in terms of income. What more could anyone ask for?

Mike, who worked as an Art Director and web developer at a marketing agency, had to drive 1.5 hours each way to and from work. A total of 3 hours every day in the car. As for me, I did not have a creative outlet working in the medical field as a Registered Nurse.

I would often take work home with me to meet deadlines with paperwork. I felt drained majority of the time and often felt like I was coming down with something. There was a gnawing pain with this experience. We were not really living, just existing as I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

We were first introduced to Network Marketing by a friend in search of income. Having been unemployed for at least a year, she was looking for an alternative. Our friend asked us to come over. There was no question on our part.

We trusted her and came over for a visit. She popped in a VHS tape (you know this was a while back) and we watched it together. The narrator described the grind of an employee’s life, the commute, the set hours, the overtime, etc…

Then the images on the video and narration switched to an alternative, one we did not know was possible. A life where someone could set their own hours, according to their terms. Something just clicked inside. The tape just described to us what (we did not know at the time) we were looking for.

We had discovered at that moment, we were meant to live the life of an entrepreneur. Until this day we thank the powers that be for that initial exposure to this business model.

Along with our friend, we decided to do this thing, whatever this “thing” was together. To make a long story short, that Network Marketing deal did not work out and we quit. Sound familiar?

We were exposed and had gotten involved with several other MLM companies since then and failed. Sound familiar? The truth was we never knew how to do Network Marketing professionally, we were just hobbyists.

The truth was we had no mentors back then and we were completely ignorant to the skill sets and mindset needed to succeed. There were so many failures that we lost faith in the opportunity and concluded it wasn’t real.

Network marketing? Oh no! Not that again! For a while that was our belief system, especially Mike’s. He never wanted to hear the words Network Marketing again!

That is, until we met real people, just like us who actually experienced success in the industry and lived the lifestyles described on that VHS tape many years ago. We have met several of them as a matter of fact.

Each has taught us and continue to teach us how to professionally do Network Marketing and to treat it like a business, because that’s what it is, a real business. Most importantly, we had to learn the ways in which we must evolve as people, to truly be successful. 

All the lessons learned and the growth experienced from those lessons is on this website, which we will continue to update regularly. We welcome you to explore it, take what is valuable with you and leave behind what is unnecessary.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We look forward to becoming apart of that journey with you. Welcome again! 

To Your Massive Success,

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